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If you live in our service area which covers a 20 mile radius from Hay we will deliver and install any of our computer systems or TV or video equipment completely FREE OF CHARGE. We will revisit, also at no extra charge if our customers are unsure of the correct way to use their new equipment. We believe in after sales service and complete customer satisfaction.

We stock the latest in the Panasonic and Samsung LCD and Plasma televisions. All at our special prices. Please telephone 01497 820350 for the latest up to date news and prices. We deliver and install at no extra cost.

Freesat is a subscription free satellite TV service that gives you access to over 200 digital TV
and Radio channels, including 12 in stunning high definition.

Humax FREESATset top boxes connect to your existing Sky dish, making it easier to cut the
cord and save yourself some money. If you haven’t a dish we can arrange for you to have a correct dish fitted. Humax digital TV recorders come in 500GB (up to 300 hours), 1TB (up to 600 hours), and 2TB(1200 hours) giving a great choice of recording capacity. If you are not interested in recording, HUMAX make a FREESAT bare receiver only.

Founded in 1932, Roberts Radio Limited is the UK brand leader in the portable radio market and is sold around the world from Japan to USA. The iconic Revival radio is instantly recognizable as part of the Roberts family and with a reputation built on producing high quality premium brand radios for the consumer market Roberts continues to lead in its field with a range of over one hundred different DAB, analogue, world radios, radio cassettes and internet radios.

With a heritage of over 75 years, Roberts has an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability and unrivalled experience in its field. With its commitment to improvement the company remains at the forefront of product development and innovation.

Their range has now become so large that it would be impossible to show on this page. So please visit their website here and let us know which receiver or equipment you are interested in.

DAB reception is now available from the Clyro transmitter and should be received in most of our local area. If you are still unclear if it will work or not for you, please insert your postcode into this website and it will advise you on the programmes you are likely to receive (or not).

CCTV can be used in a variety of ways such as a deterring vandalism or as a method of providing visual confirmation of an intrusion. If you are looking to use CCTV, we can advise you on what you require and installation costs. Please telephone 01497 820350 for details.